The Collector of Remarkable Stories

| September 25, 2014


The Collector of Remarkable Stories

Ever wondered why your life flashes before your eyes at the very moment of death? Find out in this fantastical debut novel; a peculiarly dark and magical supernatural fantasy with an unpredictable twist.

Margie is a gifted young psychic who hates the deceased, so it’s rather unfortunate that when she dies she finds herself in Limbuss, a purgatorial underworld populated by some rather unusual dead folk.

Believing her to be the long-lost Collector of Stories (the one who collects your story at the point of death) some of the inhabitants of Limbuss will go to any lengths to capture her. But this is the least of Margie’s worries when it becomes apparent that something ominous has followed her into this strange new world; a monster, it turns out, of her own making and one that poses an immense threat to more than just the inhabitants of Limbuss …

Interweaving Margie’s poignant real-life-story with her other-worldly journey through Limbuss; The Collector of Remarkable Stories is an action-packed tale of friendship, mistaken identity and the transcendental importance of our own life-stories.

“EB Huffer a has created an incredible, sinister, compelling and strangely romantic world peopled with characters that, by turns delight and horrify. It’s a brave extravagant fantasy that will propel you at breakneck speed through a series of rollicking adventures, with unexpected twists and turns. With crackling dialogue and beautifully drawn characters the emotional heart of the story is never compromised” – Attagirl


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