BAD RAP (A Rollie Kemp Novel Book 4)

| September 26, 2014


BAD RAP (A Rollie Kemp Novel Book 4)

His little sister, Rachel, called it a Bad Rap. The court found Buck Wardell guilty of murder, a crime he didn’t commit. She had $76.42 to hire Rollie and promised to pay the balance when she graduated from college. Rachel was 15 years old. What started, as a “look into” case became a money-laundering scheme that reached way beyond the simplicity first thought. As the case began to unfold, Rollie realized the people looking for him were the same group he was chasing. The crime wave involved; a major mistake by a key FBI agent, importing drugs, kidnapping, human trafficking and dirty cops. In the confusion lies were told, false identities created, and murder no one expected. Sending the wrong man to prison was a big mistake.


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