Back to the Mill: Joshua’s Trumpet

| September 26, 2014


Back to the Mill: Joshua's Trumpet

America’s Second Civil War has ended. The American Spring Politika, ASP, has taken over the seat of government. The United States are in ruin, her infrastructure is a smoldering battle field. Only the President, some of his loyalists, and the Governors of each state remain of the government that won the war. What is to become of the nation?

Joshua Raintree has gone from a mentor of Shop agents, to a revolutionary, and now to the President of the United States of America. The country is looking at him to restore the lost liberties they fought and died for. But how is one man supposed to reshape a nation?

Follow Joshua as he establishes a team to tackle the topics that initially caused the words ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ to be illegal in the United States. Can his ability to bring out the best in individual men also bring out the best of all Americans? Or will his trumpet blowing which brought down the walls of Washington mean nothing at all?


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