Into the Mill: A Judas to all Men

| September 26, 2014


Into the Mill: A Judas to all Men

Please Notice This Is Book #2 In The Mill Series, Through the Mill is Book #1

Praise for Into the Mill –

“If you are a fan of Political thrillers right out of the headlines which are filled with trips down political rabbit holes – then this book is one for you.” John Schuerman

When everyone knows your name, does it make sense to join the ranks of those who know everything about everyone? It does if you are a traitor to everyone who ever loved or looked up to you.

Learn about the inner workings of the Specialized Homeland and Overseas Protectorate, also known by the most feared acronym in the world, The Shop. Witness how agents are brainwashed into following whatever orders they are given. Discover how the general public is manipulated into assimilating, via exploitation of an altered past, believing that everything that occurred before The Shop was significantly worse. And showing how The Shop handled topics such as a National Sales Tax, Electoral College, Abortion, and Welfare and Immigration reforms which split the country pre-Shop.

When a small-town athletic hero drops a promising professional football career to become an agent, he turns his back on everything that everyone ever dreamt of for him. Follow Alec J. Tearson as he becomes Judas, a rising star in the ranks of this governmental juggernaut. As we trail this enterprising young man, he makes friends with an artificially intelligent entity as well as the most secretive of the elite, The Four, and is trained by a tattooed Gypsy.

Can he rise above his quisling status and save the lives of millions of Americans? Or will he stay a traitor to all men?

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