Sector 5

| September 28, 2014


Sector 5

A Creeping Menace

Seventh grader Jason Bell knows something is terribly wrong in Birch Vale Junior High. Students disappear and return. . .different. His best friend no longer recognizes him. No one believes his warnings as, one by one, students and teachers change. Will Jason be next?

Strange New Neighbors

A new family, the Cardigans, moves into the empty house next to Jason’s home. There is something weird about them–especially their thirteen-year old daughter, Sylvia. The students start disappearing when the Cardigans arrive. Is it coincidence or something sinister? Jason senses that Sylvia hides a dark secret–a secret, he discovers, that binds them to an unimaginable evil.

Mysterious Dreams

Unexplained events happen around Jason. Glass shatters. Objects move. He seems to be the cause of it, but does not know how. At the same time, Jason starts having nightmares of a medical facility he’s never been to before. His mother assures him they are only bad dreams, but they seem too real. He cannot shake the image of doctors performing strange experiments on him in a place where young children are human lab rats, a place called. . .

Sector 5

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