The Lucky Pen: Day 1: Crystal

| September 28, 2014


The Lucky Pen: Day 1: Crystal

What is the Lucky Pen? What Powers and Abilities Does it Have?

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Thought to be an urban legend, see how a simple pen impacts the lives of average people like you and me. Nobody knows the origins, but stories exist going back decades of this elusive pen.

Meet Crystal. She’s a schoolteacher who can’t find work teaching since she lost her job when her school’s student population dropped. Unable to find work as a teacher, she finds work in a women’s clothing store. With a Master’s Degree in Education and tens of thousands of dollars in student loans, she’s forced to share an apartment with her friend Katie, who is equally down on her luck.

Only able to work for barely above minimum wage and skipping meals to make ends meet, these two women struggle to get back on their feet.

All that changes the day Crystal finds “The Lucky Pen”.

Where did this pen come from? Why are there stories going back decades about it online?

Follow her journey as and see what affect the Lucky Pen has on her and her life.


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