76 Productive Habits: How to Accomplish More

| September 29, 2014


76 Productive Habits: How to Accomplish More, Overcome Procrastination, and Supercharge your Productivity

76 Productive Habits+ How to Accomplish More and Overcome Procrastination by Supercharging your Productivity

Looking to put an end to procrastination and be more productive?

It was 3 pm, on a Sunday and I was looking at a hungry family, a sick dog, a pile of laundry, and an inbox with 102 emails that needed to be read before Monday, 8 am. I was nauseous. No matter how hard I tried, week after week, I found myself in the same place. My mind and my life were littered with chores and unfinished projects. I wasn’t being productive. I was overwhelmed and discouraged. It seemed there just weren’t enough hours in the day. I always teetered on the brink of success, but had failed to hit the mark. Sound familiar? Lucky for you, I found the secret in 76 productive habits. These habits are the difference between that constant carousel of unproductive procrastination and a successful and fulfilling life. These habits will supercharge your productivity so that you accomplish more. They changed my life for the better and I want to share them with you.

Explore habits that will supercharge your productivity and set you on a path to accomplishing your goals

Also, you’ll discover..

Long-guarded secrets of highly successful people

Ways break bad habits and form productive ones

And much more!

Table of Contents


Popular “Reality” Star Evicted from Long-time Residence

Habits 1-10

Residents Spot Headless Body Driving Around Town

Habits 11-20

Anxiety under Attack

Habits 21-32

Federal Agents Raid Technology Warehouse

Habits 33-37

Power of a Dream

Habits 38-47

Mystery Objects Seen in the Skies

Habits 48-56

Band Played ‘til the End

Habits 57-65

Extreme Growth Spurts Linked to Supercharged Productivity

Habits 66-76


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