Gemma Rules

| September 30, 2014


Gemma Rules

GEMMA RULES contains a series of three novelettes in Mel Curtis’ Hollywood Rules series: VALENTINE RULES, WEDDING RULES, and BRIDE RULES.

VALENTINE RULES Gemma Kent has become famous as a sexy mystery woman with the Twitter handle @GlitterfrostGem. Randy Farrell, the man Gemma can’t get out of her head, wants a date with @GlitterfrostGem, but the real Gemma is nothing like her twitter alter-ego.

WEDDING RULES Gemma Kent Rule’s and Randy Farrell’s romance has moved beyond the Twittersphere into real world Hollywood. Can their budding relationship survive Hollywood gossip, out of control starlets and big time dreams?

BRIDE RULES Randy loves Gemma. Gemma loves Randy. That should be enough to guarantee a happily-ever-after, but Gemma has experience being the roadblock to someone’s dreams and it’s not a role she’s eager to reprise. She won’t stand in the way of Randy’s NBA dreams, even if it means setting him free on the side of L.A.’s busiest freeway.

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