I Promise I Won’t Kill You: A Hitchhiking Adventure

| October 1, 2014


I Promise I Won't Kill You: A Hitchhiking Adventure

In the summer of 2013, Nate Damm hit the highways of America with a backpack and a thumb up, with the goal of hitchhiking across the country. The people who chose to give him a lift along the way proved to be every bit as interesting and strange as he had hoped they would, sharing their stories, unique nuggets of wisdom, and heartfelt thoughts on life as they offered up their passenger seats. Along the way, Nate experienced extreme boredom, run-ins with the law, drunk drivers, handsy truckers, and more, finding the spirit of America and coming to some important personal realizations in the process.


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  1. Another great book of Nate Damm who hit the highways of America with an ultralight backpack.

    It’s a quick read (written in the present tense) about Nate’s encounters with folks as he hitchhikes across the country. A few of the stories are unsettling, which is what you might expect when a dude is getting rides from random strangers. But there are many tales of kindness that he experienced during his journey. Some of the stories are longer than others, some are short and lack some detail, but that’s OK. I’m sure he met more people than a mere mortal can remember!