Death by Halloween (Adventures You Choose Book 1)

| October 1, 2014


Death by Halloween (Adventures You Choose Book 1)

It is Halloween, a day that used to be your favourite of the year.

As a child, you counted down the days to Halloween, thrilled at the prospect of venturing out into the night in a monster’s clothing and returning with a sack stuffed full with candy.

As you grew through adolescence, your tastes gradually changed. You still lived in anticipation of Halloween, but you no longer cared much for its typical offerings. The costumes weren’t real. The candy was too sweet.

What you wanted was adventure, panic, black magic. You wanted to find yourself on a dark hilltop, shaking with fear as impossible shadows crept up the slope toward you. You wanted to see the dead sit up in their graves. You wanted to stumble through the fog trying to escape the clutches of a madman. You wanted to survive a nightmare…

Death by Halloween is a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style interactive book for adults and mature teens. It features:

    • Masterfully executed hyperlink navigation


  • Over 100 choices



  • Over 50 endings



  • A gender-neutral protagonist



  • Ghosts



  • Ghouls



  • Murderers



  • Self-loathing



  • Cannibals



  • Demons



  • Mutilation



  • Scarecrows



  • Specters



  • Zombies



  • Pie



  • And much more!



Please have a look at the sample to get a better idea of whether or not this book is right for you. Because this is an interactive book, the sample chapters will be out of order and not interactive. They will, nevertheless, give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

PLEASE NOTE: As mentioned above, this book has some fairly graphic scenes of violence and is intended for a somewhat mature audience.


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