The Painted Rock (Sutton and McDonald Families Book 3)

| October 2, 2014


The Painted Rock (Sutton and McDonald Families Book 3)

In Raleigh, North Carolina to hand over a map of the Confederate strongholds to his superiors, Major Adam Sutton couldn’t believe the sultry, blond haired singer, Roxanne Morgan, was interested in him. It seemed everywhere he went she was there tempting him with her beauty. Desire raced through his veins every time he came near her.

Roxanne Morgan, spy for the Union, had a mission to retrieve the map in Adam Sutton’s possession before he delivered it to his superiors. A map that would end the Civil War. Roxanne would go to any length to complete her mission, even seducing Adam. Then tragedy strikes when he discovers she is a Yankee spy. Finding herself in prison waiting to be executed, she prays Adam will relent and forgive her for her web of deceit.


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