Liquor & Love (The McDonough Boys Book 1)

| October 4, 2014


Liquor & Love (The McDonough Boys Book 1)

Headstrong and ambitious Peggy Fitzgerald arrives in Dawson, Georgia, after a stint in the Women’s Army Corp, hellbent on finding the man who left her late mother pregnant and married to another man.

What she finds in town is not her father, but Bo McDonough, scion of the infamous bootlegging family. Strong, silent, and dead sexy with a reputation for love-em and leave-em trysts, Bo quickly distracts Peggy from her goal–first by ramming her with a pick-up truck and then by trying to seduce her.

But Bo finds out that Peggy isn’t one to back down from a challenge–or a handsome man, no matter how hot her makes her.

Liquor and love just don’t mix.

Of do they?


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