Peaches Monroe 1: Stardust

| October 5, 2014


Peaches Monroe 1: Stardust

“Bridget Jones meets Fifty Shades of Grey in this hilarious romance series! Sexy and funny… couldn’t put it down!”

A sassy bookstore manager is pursued by a famous actor in this wildly hot, funny, enjoyable romance.

“This is one of those series you beg your best friend to read because you have to have someone to laugh with. This book has everything … humor, great characters, and hot sex!”

Bobbie Jo, Two Crazy Girls with a Passion for Books

Peaches Monroe is a curvy, opinionated blonde who manages a small town book store.

Dalton Deangelo is a famous actor who sets hearts on fire with his smoldering eyes and devious grins.

Dalton plays the sexiest bad boy vampire on TV. He’s hotter than Edward from Twilight, and badder than Damon from The Vampire Diaries.

When Dalton runs into the book store to hide from reporters, he refuses to leave… until he gets a date with Peaches Monroe.

As soon as Peaches kisses Dalton, her quiet, small-town life begins to unravel.

First comes love, then comes… marriage?


“OMG! I cried I laughed and cried a lot more. Loved, loved, loved the ending. Thank you for writing such an amazing series.”

Debbie Barrett

“Peaches kept me up all night. Thank you for an amazing book, series, characters. I laughed and cried so much that my husband was concerned. It was truly perfect.”

Melissa Bradshaw Davis

“I’ve read 100’s and 100’s of books, and MiMi’s books literally made me spit all over my kindle…. OMG funny…… No spoilers here, GET THESE BOOKS NOW!”

Tammy Gurke

“Marvelous! I will miss our dear Miss Peaches! I laughed, cried, laughed again!”

Carrie Walters

“I was up much later than I should have been on a work night, but I just HAD to finish Starfire before I went to bed last night.”

Jennifer Bartholomai Baldwin

“I miss all the characters already!! I almost fell off my chair… I had tears rolling down my face I was laughing so hard!”

Nancy Gelle


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