Dog’s Coffee-Shop: Children book(Beginner reader fiction eBook)

| October 6, 2014


Dog's Coffee-Shop: Children book(Beginner reader fiction eBook) animals books (Preschool picture book ages 3-10)Short story(kid's animals collection): ... reader books bedtime stories collection.

“An adorable story with many levels of meaning about friendship, pets, and relationships. Another fine book from the Amos constituency!” Grady Harp ============================================================================================================

Who says that humans are the only ones doing the training?

Parents and children alike will enjoy this light-hearted children’s book that teaches us all the importance of a loving home.

The official meeting of The Dog Club takes place every Saturday at New York’s finest all-dog restaurant: The Poodle Cafe.

After their regular set of drinks and apple cake, the dogs settle down to talk about the importance of training their humans.

Except, Miss Daschund has been stranded by her humans! Alone and afraid, Miss Daschund confesses that she would do anything for a loving home.

The members of the Dog Club set out to work and find not one, but three loving homes! It looks like a complete mess outside of The Poodle Cafe until everyone realizes that they know each other.

The following week, Miss Dachshund sits with her head held high. She has found a loving family and gets spoiled by the three companions that The Dog Club has found for her.

Simple yet sweet, The Dog Club will remind you of the importance of loyal friends, treating everyone (including your pets!) with respect, and the joy that comes from a happy home.

For children at ages 3-10 .

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“An adorable story with many levels of meaning about friendship, pets, and relationships. Another fine book from the Amos constituency!” Grady Harp

“This is one of the best children’s books I have read this summer. I absolutely loved the storyline. Uncle Amos and Edith Odran, the authors have a delightful sense of humor and a great perspective about stories for children.” Prisrob

” DOG’S COFFEE-SHOP is a short little e-book that younger children will probably enjoy scrolling through (the illustrations of the dogs sitting at a table with coffee and cake is sure to provide a laugh). The story also has a good lesson to impart about friends helping friends”  tvtv3


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