Mr. Ruins: A Thriller (Ruins Sonata Book 1)

| October 8, 2014


Mr. Ruins: A Thriller (Ruins Sonata Book 1)

From Oct 7 to Oct 11 book 2 of the Ruins Sonata, King Ruin, is also free! See link below.

“… a mind-twisting thriller through the tsunami-ravaged future.” – Christine Hooker.

The Arctic ice is gone, blasted apart in decades-long resource wars, and global tsunamis have scoured the world into ruin. Survivors hide in utopian cities behind vast flood-walls, or on lawless floating slums on the open ocean, living in fear of the next big wave.

Ex-Arctic marine Ritry Goligh doesn’t care. He lost more in the wars than anyone could understand. Now he lives in the slums, and spends his nights in an alcohol-soaked blur of violence and sex, until a shadowy figure with an excellent hat drops the corpse of Napoleon at his feet.

This is Mr. Ruins, a sadist and mass murderer. In the rusted hull of a belly-up cathedral ship, he offers Ritry a better life, built on the back of stolen thoughts. But he asks a terrible price, and Ritry must decide what kind of man he wants to be- predator, prey, or something wholly new, before Mr. Ruins steals the one thing he has left: his soul.

Book 1 of the Ruins Sonata trilogy.

– Book 2 is available here –

– Book 3 is coming in November 2014.

Caution– Features violence and strong language.

Amazon readers have said:

– “Brilliant and heart-stopping … I couldn’t put it down … mixes an Iain M. Banks-ish lyrical style with high-octane science-fiction action seamlessly.”

– “A gorgeously drawn sci-fi world blends with an action-packed plot that reminded me of Inception, though very different … an adventure unlike anything else.”

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