Golem’s Revenge, Episode One: Betrayed

| October 9, 2014


Golem's Revenge, Episode One: Betrayed

All episodes are available in Kindle Unlimited.

When ordinary love goes awry, it’s sad. When magical love goes wrong, it’s dangerous.

For two years following her fiancé’s death, Adina finds no connection with the men in her small village. She lives alone, without a lover to relieve her emptiness and grief.

In what seems a moment of luck, she discovers an ancient spell book and learns the secret of creating the golem, a charmed clay man compelled to obey his maker’s bidding. He’ll be the perfect remedy for Adina’s cold, sleepless nights.

Or so she thinks.

Betrayed is the first of a five-part, serialized novel. (approximately 50 pages, 13,000 words)

Contains sexual content suitable only for adults.

Golem’s Revenge Release Schedule:

Episodes One through Five: Available now

Complete Novel (money-saving omnibus edition of all episodes): Available now


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