A Thousand Words (Lexi Frost Series Book 3)

| October 10, 2014


A Thousand Words (Lexi Frost Series Book 3)

Cross-country flights and jumping through legal hoops were not how Teri envisioned her honeymoon, but it was worth it. Flynn’s wonderful. He’s a patient husband and an understanding father. Her son needed a role model and Flynn stepped up to take Dev under his wing.

The honeymoon’s over early when Flynn’s past starts ambushing Teri after just a few months. It terrifies her, confuses her, then . . . she died inside. She knew who he was before she married him, but she didn’t expect it to hurt so much.

Her family’s falling apart and Teri is caught in a whirlwind of emotions. Can she overcome the apathy she feels for her new husband? Can she fight the bitterness inside? And what will Teri do when she realizes the truth she was hiding from herself?

***This book is for adults. I don’t fade out on love scenes. Like other romances, there are complications that arise that keep the characters apart and hard decisions that make them think about more than just themselves. In The Lexi Frost Series, those complications or the character’s solutions are slightly atypical of romance novels, but not outside the realm of possibility in today’s world.***


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