Starfish Prime (Blackfox Chronicles Book 2)

| October 10, 2014


Starfish Prime (Blackfox Chronicles Book 2)

Michael Blackfox thought he’d left Marine Force Recon behind, but they had other ideas.

The best trained man for a high risk mission is dead and Blackfox is uniquely qualified to be the heir apparent.

The trouble is he and his father are currently fugitives on the run from the law. Marine Special Operations roughly brings Michael back into the fold, while allowing his father to be arrested and extradited. If Michael cooperates, the government will go easy on his dad.

A Russian arms dealer recovers an ICBM from Iraq during the invasion and sells it to the Iranians. They commission him to reconfigure the missile as an electromagnetic pulse weapon that, if fired, will destroy all electronics in the United States–effectively plunging the country back to the nineteenth century.

Dan Pollock – author of The Running Boy and Lair of the Fox, says “STARFISH PRIME, his second outing, is an even better romp than TAMPA STAR”

  • “Best-in-the-biz military-techno action heavily spiced with raunchy humor and exotic locales–that’s O’Neil’s winning recipe”

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