Kazakhstan Radioactive Jane: Operatives Spies and Terrorists (Hunter Blacke Chronicles Book 4)

| October 11, 2014


Kazakhstan Radioactive Jane: Operatives Spies and Terrorists (Hunter Blacke Chronicles Book 4)

Spy thriller awash with operatives, espionage, terrorists and Corruption

Chronicles of Hunter Blacke series Kazakhstan Radioactive Jane is now Blacke’s fourth operative, spies and assassin books with the undercurrent theme of where spies shake hands and devils hide.

Kazakhstan Radioactive Jane is a thriller that takes place in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Hunter has been assigned to handle a Central Asian Security Conference at a famous retreat where the old soviet regime held many international press conferences and sent their senior staff and close friends for relaxation and rest. Now owned by the President of Kazakhstan, the historic resort has been chosen to handle this large and significant security conference. Hunter is called in to support management and ensure the property is prepared and ready to deal with the process

At the same time a truck goes missing holding radioactive isotopes that are rumored to be made available to Security Head members of rogue countries wanting to develop dirty bombs or obtain materials to build a bomb of larger consequence. Tracking the people and the truck becomes part of the assignment where Hunter Blacke and old friends attempt to solve the riddle and neutralize the threat.

An unlikely character “Radioactive Jane” emerges as the broker. Clever, well disciplined, and extremely dangerous. Hunter Blacke is forced to break the risk of her selling these stolen isotopes to any one of the Security Heads from the Central Asian countries. The story builds to an exciting and thrill filled ending with the normal twists and turns indicative of the Hunter Blacke Chronicles.

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“The story moves very quickly…its difficult to stop reading as you, the reader feel swept up in the drama and building suspense. This writer has obviously been to the cities and the country he speaks of in the book.” Robert Chambers

“…I liked the process of reading. I mostly liked the style of the writer…” Richard “R.D.”

“The second book by Hunter Blacke was every bit as suspenseful as the first book! I could visualize with vivid details the action sequences as I read from page to page. Who knew a game of chess could bring in so much substance. Looking forward to another one!” Raymond Chou

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