A Fairy Good Year (The Magical Murphy Farm Book 4)

| October 13, 2014


A Fairy Good Year (The Magical Murphy Farm Book 4)

A Fairy Good Year is the culmination of four seasons in the life of Brooke Murphy, a young girl living on a farm. Each season brings a new discovery about Lismore Baile, the colony of fairies that inhabit her parent’s land. Each “chapter” includes spring, summer, fall and winter.

In the spring, Brooke finds some magical glasses that allow her to see the realm of Lismore Baile. Join her as she discovers this hidden world. By summer, she joins her friends as they search for a lost water nymph.

During the fall, Brooke has a birthday with a special surprise from her friends. Join the Murphys and the people of Lismore Baile as they prepare for the holiday season. Jack Frost is no help, and neither are the volcano dragons! On Christmas Eve at the Magical Murphy Farm, a special visitor arrives!

With a fairy story for every season, the magical Murphy Farm is the most amazing place you’ll ever inhabit!


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