Deadly Passage

| October 16, 2014


Deadly Passage

When Andy Reiss, a physician and his wife, Jesse, a nurse, set off to sail the world with their barely teenage daughter, Rachel, they thought they’d left medical problems behind, and, for the most part, they had.

Into their sixth year cruising, they’d dealt with the harsh realities of life aboard a sailboat and normal everyday medical problems for themselves and for other cruisers.

Jesse and Rachel outvote Andy and the family is heading back to the USA for a life on land. Off the coast of Cuba, they come upon a sailboat adrift and discover two young Americans, a brother and his sister near death. After bringing them aboard, both break out with a rash that Andy identifies as a deadly virus. Soon it becomes clear that they’ve inadvertently rescued two homegrown terrorists intent on infecting the people of Miami. The dreaded disease has sealed the fates of the terrorists, the family, and all those they encounter.

The family must deal with the unwanted guests, their disease, the Cuban Navy, an approaching hurricane, and the U.S. Coast Guard turning them away from safety.

Andy, Jesse, and Rachel simply want to go home, but nature and politics has conspired against them.



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