City of Shadows: Part One

| January 16, 2016


Never take your eyes off the shadows in this tale of action and horror from New York Times bestselling author Jack Conner.

Streetwise youth Stevrin lives at a brothel and works for a mad scientist, but it’s only when disappearances and quakes start happening in the dystopian city that his life gets really interesting. Living at a brothel and doing chores for the women in exchange for a bed and meals, Stevrin has never known family or comfort. He just wants to sneak cigarettes, ogle girls and attend boxing matches. He doesn’t know what he’s getting into when the brothel’s madam — and possible witch — Agatha dispatches him to investigate the series of odd occurrences, which only begin with the quakes and disappearances.

Anything can happen in the mysterious, shadow-shrouded city of Lavorgna, an industrial metropolis where the sinister Guild of Alchemists holds sway over the government and underground doctors bring the dead back to life. Stevrin is thrown into a deadly stew of murders, disappearances, prostitutes, the reanimated dead and more otherworldly dangers. Something terrible is growing beneath the streets of the city.

Before long it’s clear that if Stevrin doesn’t figure out what’s going on — and stop it — the whole world will be engulfed in horror.

City of Shadows: Part One is the first volume in a two-part tale of steampunk, horror and fantasy adventure set in the same world as Jack Conner’s bestselling series The Atomic Sea but totally independent from it. If you like action-packed storytelling, Lovecraftian horrors, and unique twists and turns you won’t see coming, then you’ll love New York Times bestselling author Jack Conner’s incredible mix of fantasy, dystopian fiction, mystery and cosmic horror.

Buy City of Shadows: Part One of Two Novels of Dystopian Fiction to plunge into the unique, endlessly entertaining tale today!

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