Another Contest Update

| September 24, 2007


I had no idea how overwhelming hosting a contest could be. I’ve gotten a really positive response (I guess ipods are popular). I kind of wish I had created a shorter contest. So that there would be less entrants and better odds.

But I am happy the reaction has been so positive and I’ve gotten so many nice posts and links from entrants.

One little catch that I did not anticipate is blogs posting in other languages. Having a popular contest is a bit of a logistical nightmare as it is. So blogs that aren’t in English will make things too complicated.

I just added English only to my Original Contest Post. So, as of now, we are an English only contest. I already have one entrant in Spanish but she didn’t leave me the contest link to her blog post. So if she changes it before the contest ends then she’s in otherwise not.

And I received an email from Phillipe in Peru, asking if his non English entry is valid. These two blogs are the only non English exceptions I will make. And that’s only because they got me before I specified English only.

Once again, Thank-you to everyone. Oh, if anybody has a contest nightmare comment I would love to hear about it. Maybe I’ll create a post about peoples contest experiences. Emma

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2 Comments on "Another Contest Update"

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  1. Thank you for the consideration… :D
    Good luck to us all… :P

  2. Emma says:

    Thanks Phillipe! :grin: