Special Victims Unit (THE ADVOCATE SERIES)

| October 21, 2014


Special Victims Unit (THE ADVOCATE SERIES)


Morningtide Publishing

A women’s advocate is stalked by a vicious outlaw biker. Born in a remote cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains during the great back-to-the-land movement of the 1970’s, the daughter of a Hells Angel biker and a flower child overcomes brutality and victimization to become a passionate Advocate for victims of domestic violence and rape. When her psychopathic ex, an outlaw biker, is released from prison, the nightmare stalking begins.

Like colorful threads in a bold tapestry, the Advocate’s cases are tightly interwoven with her secret past. Betrayed by love, pursued by hate, life will ultimately drive her to a place where faith and horror collide in this compelling, pulse-pounding story of an abused woman who is determined to survive at any cost.

SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT is a gritty tale that blends seamlessly across multiple genres. A gripping story of love, betrayal, and faith, set in the contemporary world and guaranteed to entertain, inspire, and forever change the way you view interpersonal violence.


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