A Christmas Castle

| December 17, 2017


“What are you thinking about, Jack?” Gloria looked at him, knowing his thoughts were miles away in time.

Jack chuckled. “I was thinking about the Christmas night I found that shooting star stuck in a snow bank.”

Gloria curiously raised an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

In this heartwarming novella, Christmas meets the butterfly effect when a young boy’s glance at a shooting star produces surprising results through time.

When Jack Mason was eight years old in 1966, he saw a shooting star on Christmas night. Then he tried to follow it, setting off a chain reaction that affected his life, and others, in ways he would only learn about eighty-two years later when he meets Gloria Grant at the Harbor View Retirement Home. This is a tale of ordinary people, distant memories and forgotten dreams–though sometimes even forgotten dreams can still blossom.

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