A Christmas Castle

| October 22, 2014


A Christmas Castle

In 1966, eight-year-old Jack Mason glanced up at a shooting star while building a snow castle in his backyard on Christmas night. Now in 2048 at age ninety, he finally learns what resulted from such a trivial occurrence.

Gloria Grant, a new resident at the Harbor View Retirement Home, tells Jack that she would never have been born if he hadn’t seen that shooting star eighty-two years ago. But Jack is skeptical since he has known Gloria for only three months.

So begins A Christmas Castle, a heartwarming tale of two ordinary people caught up in a conversation about distant memories and forgotten dreams. And while most individuals’ lives won’t reach meteoric heights, the day-to-day building of a life and a family can be an extraordinary thing by itself. And when fate decides to lend a hand, sometimes even forgotten dreams can still blossom.


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