Heavy: A Contemporary Romance

| October 22, 2014


Heavy: A Contemporary Romance

HEAVY is a Contemporary New Adult Romance (does NOT take place in a college setting).

Recommended for readers 18+ for mature content


When hot shot tattoo artist, Thatch Reston, went to do a private ink job at a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, he never expected to meet the girl of his dreams.

And he didn’t.

Instead, he met California Huntington.

According to the tabloid press, she’s a self-absorbed, over-privileged socialite with a drug and alcohol problem. In other words, she’s everything Thatch is NOT looking for in a potential soul mate. If he were looking for one at all, that is.

California has a secret she’s ashamed of. She perpetuates the media image of party-girl-gone-wild, only because it covers the real and ugly truth. Yes, she abuses drugs, but it’s less addiction and more a side effect of what her real issue is. Cali is bulimic, and has been since she was fifteen. In her world, drugs and alcohol are glamorous, while an eating disorder is something sordid and dirty and should never be discussed in public. She realizes she needs to seek help before she falls deeper into that rock bottom she’s hovering on the edge of.

It takes one intense night with Thatch to change her life forever. If only she could convince him that, despite her past, she’s worth taking a chance on.

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