Hoax: Prematurely Terminated (Rollie Kemp thriller series #5 Book 1)

| October 24, 2014


Hoax: Prematurely Terminated (Rollie Kemp thriller series #5 Book 1)

“They” kidnapped his theatrical agents niece, and Rollie knew who “they” were. Unbeknown to the FBI, mob bosses and wannabe wise guys had the girl. The note passed on said they would only negotiate with Rollie Kemp if the agent wanted to see her niece alive. She didn’t have to ask Rollie; he volunteered. When given the address he knew right off who had the girl. What he didn’t know was if the kidnapping was a hoax just to get him back to New York or just a sick joke to get even. As a teenager who didn’t want to join the mob, Rollie left behind enemies who all vowed to get even. Rollie had a temper back then and still had it now. He often fought because he was a big kid, and they didn’t like him. Concerned the first stop would not be the only destination planned for his visit, he mentally made a list of all his childhood enemies. His invitation to visit carried a death-defying message and the challenge was to stay alive long enough to get the girl.


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