Paleo Baking and Dessert Recipes: 53 Delicious Paleo Baking Recipes

| October 25, 2014


Paleo Baking and Dessert Recipes: 53 Delicious Paleo Baking Recipes of the Week (Paleo Diet, Gluten Free, Crockpot Recipes, Paleo Recipes, Paleo, Crock Pot, Grain Free Book 2)

How to become your own a paleo pastry chef!

53 paleo baking and dessert recipes of the week

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Dear friend,

Would you like to learn how to make a 100% paleo chocolate that is just as delicious as chocolate from the supermarket? Or how about paleo brownies, paleo cheese, ice cream, cakes and pies, pancakes, even bread, tortillas and buns? Yes, that’s right – the paleo lifestyle and pastries do not exclude each other!

The purpose of this book is to enable you to create delicious pastries from paleo ingredients. You will learn to replace the usual pastry ingredients with paleo alternatives and impress your friends and family with your healthy gluten-free paleo treats.

Become a Paleo Pastry Chef

Here is an overview of what’s inside:

  • A brief discussion of some paleo ingredients
  • 6 paleo chocolate recipes
  • 6 paleo cake recipes
  • 6 paleo pie recipes
  • 5 paleo cupcake recipes
  • 5 paleo cookie recipes
  • 5 frozen paleo dessert recipes
  • 5 paleo muffin and waffle recipes
  • 5 paleo bread and bun recipes
  • 5 paleo bagle, pretzel and tortilla recipes
  • 5 paleo pancake and brownie recipes
  • A lot more!

As a health coach and nutrition expert from the Mediterranean, I have a vast archive of healthy recipes, ingredients and their properties that I use myself. In this book, I have collected some of the finest paleo baking recipes that anyone can prepare.

Would You Like To Know More?

Grab this book and join thousands of people that already enjoy these paleo baking recipes to live the paleo lifestyle in a much more fulfilling way. Today only, get this book for $3.99 before it goes back up to $5.99!

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