Night, Rain and the City (a vampire romance novella)

| October 26, 2014


Night, Rain and the City (a vampire romance novella)

A mercenary, a vampire, a hunter, a thief. Four people united by one goal. Tonight they’re going to meet in a rain-drenched city.

“Set in the medieval world of heroic fantasy, Night, Rain and the City is a vampire romance novella with a difference. The four stories of its main characters gradually intertwine until all four come together in the rain-drenched streets of a night city to fight the battle for one lost soul: the soul of a vampire. The love line is tastefully done: erotic but definitely within the limits of the acceptable, it adds a finishing touch to this piece of medieval fantasy romance – making the reader longing for something the novella doesn’t quite reveal.”

About the author:

Viktor Nochkin is a bestselling Ukrainian fantasy writer, author of 25 traditionally published novels and numerous novellas and short stories that appeared in a number of SF/F publications. Night, Rain and the City is one of the rare translations of his fantasy novellas into English.


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