Witchkiller of Oz (Ozworld Book 1)

| October 26, 2014


Witchkiller of Oz (Ozworld Book 1)

In this comic reshaping of Baum’s original Wizard of Oz text, Dorothy is transported to Oz, quite aware that she’s a character in a book. Now a 17 year old from 1982, Dorothy has her own thoughts about a novel written in 1900, namely that there’s not nearly enough Duran Duran or appearances by Lee Majors. The narrator has a plan as well, and the sooner Dorothy stops complaining between paragraphs (while constantly threatening to set the Scarecrow on fire), the sooner she can get on with all the time traveling, Toto hating, space gun wielding and atomic spider fighting every growing girl needs to go through to become the Witchkiller of Oz.


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