Gone Whalin’

| November 1, 2014


Gone Whalin'

Cormac McIlhenney is a college student with one minor problem: every other day, he’s been waking up on a whaling ship in the nineteenth century. Which really wouldn’t be that big of a deal if his roommate back in the present wasn’t such a dick.

While Cormac attempts to make the most of his newfound world of harpoons, rum, and erotic scrimshaw, his roommate Vance is determined to exploit the situation for maximum profit. His unlikely partner? The corrupt, shillelagh-toting dean of their college.

Can Cormac survive in a time that is not his own? Can he turn around the fortunes of the most inept whaling ship on the seven seas? And exactly what the hell are Vance and the dean up to in his bedroom on the days he goes back in time?

Gone Whalin’ is a hilarious novel full of pirates, wharf rats, stadium seating couches, cults, dogs wearing sunglasses, journalism scandals, sea shanties, and enormous whale genitals. Beat that, Moby Dick.


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