The Starving Artist’s Diet: A Survival Guide

| November 1, 2014


The Starving Artist's Diet: A Survival Guide

Jack Lugar, captivates readers with his down-to-earth humor in his comedy book featuring artists from Oregon to New York and some of the crazy things they have done to survive. The Starving Artist’s Diet is a humor book on the perfect weight loss program. It’s the ideal gift for the graduate with tips on simply eating what you can afford. However, when living like an artist, that may mean you can’t afford very much.

Tucker Cawley, Executive Producer of Everybody Loves Raymond, says, “I sure could have used Jack Lugar’s helpful guide back when I was a Starving Artist. I used to steal pocketfuls of condiment packets from fast food restaurants. The employees knew what I was doing, but turned a blind eye because hey, it’s L.A. – they were Starving Artists too.”

Lugar writes from years of experience and is endorsed by Terrence Coli, Writer/Producer of One Tree Hill, 90210, and Switched at Birth. “I once watched Jack make a gourmet meal out of some Smucker’s grape jelly packets and Saltines. It was the best damn Thanksgiving of my life!.”

And what did Louie Anderson, Comedian and Author of Dear Dad, think? “So good I almost ate it.”

After reading The Starving Artist’s Diet, you’ll have the necessary tools to survive as an artist and have a good laugh. If you have an appetite for comedy and art, The Starving Artist’s Diet will leave you feeling satisfied.


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