Opposition Reflex (The Amber Restrained Series Book 1)

| November 1, 2014


Opposition Reflex (The Amber Restrained Series Book 1)

Steve is convinced that the reactionary behavior of his late father is responsible for the deaths of four American citizens.

OPPOSITION REFLEX is the story of Steve Casella, a San Francisco firefighter struggling with his father’s legacy of triggering a vicious terrorist attack. Submerged in a bitter condemnation of the violent consequences of his father’s alleged rhetoric and actions, the reality of Steve’s world crumbles when suddenly confronted by the last person he would suspect to shatter his principles. Edie Pauling is the daughter of the retired Navy SEAL who sacrificed his life trying to thwart an attack on an American embassy. An event directly attributed to the acts of Steve’s father. Edie fights to convince Steve that he is dead wrong, propelling them on a journey to unravel a plot that points to the highest levels of our government. With opposing perceptions, they confront the past head-on. Driven by Edie’s thirst for justice, Steve is wrenched from a haunted past, fueled by a growing passion that she has stoked in his heart. As they get closer to the truth, the desperate actions of their enemies serve only to bind the motivation and the heated emotions of this once unlikely pair. There is little time to act on their newly found evidence, before the conspirators succeed in tilting the scales of government beyond the constitutional limits, and the future of this nation is steered from the basic foundations of our guiding principles.

OPPOSITION REFLEX is the first book in a new thriller saga, The Amber Restrained Series.

This series chronicles the escapades of two disparate individuals, Steve Casella and Edie Pauling, who surmount their differences and form an interminable bond that takes them on a journey to fight the injustices assailing the American dream. Together they challenge the seemingly unending barrage of incompetence and corruption that is ignored, facilitated or orchestrated by the almost invincible power structure of an encroaching government. Along for the ride is Amber, a dog Steve has rescued from a fatal house fire. The sometimes disobedient canine companion is a constant source of frustration and amusement, but as part of their team, no one is more capable to assist when times get rough. As the nation and the world gather at the brink, Steve and Edie desperately try to gain traction against the slippery slope toward ultimate destruction.


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