The Key: Part One (Project Enterprise)

| November 2, 2014


The Key: Part One (Project Enterprise)

(This book is the first part of my complete and published novel, THE KEY.)

Dream Realm Award Winner, 2007; Bronze IPPIE, Independent Publisher Book Awards

A science fiction/action adventure romance novel

In Part One:

Spunky US Top Gun pilot, Sara Donavan’s blasting aliens when she crashes on a deserted planet. Well, almost deserted, another stranded pilot, a seriously hot alien, Kiernan Fyn, rescues Sara and takes her to his cave. When Sara’s crew finds her, she returns Fyn’s favor and takes him back with her to the huge U S spaceship she calls home. Though he fits in well on the ship, and he and Sara have a close encounter—an out-of-this-world kiss—Fyn’s hiding a dark secret. Sara has her own mystery, she discovers a hidden city everyone in the galaxy’s searching for. The lost city is a key to Sara’s baffling abilities and her mother’s past but its discovery also leads dangerous enemies to the Earth Expedition.


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