Mayflower Murders – Did America’s first serial killer land at Plymouth?

| November 2, 2014


Mayflower Murders - Did America's first serial killer land at Plymouth?

From the #1 bestselling author in Hard Boiled Mysteries and Police Procedurals, Ben Hopkin, comes a new blockbuster historical thriller, Mayflower Murders.

**Warning: This is an alternate history version of the Pilgrims who came to the New World to form Plymouth. Historians beware, as this may well turn your view of the founding of America on its head.

Praise for Mayflower Murders…

“It’s a strong story with laughter, pain, grief, hate and love. The cast of characters are also strong and so perfect a match to the swift moving flow of the story. I could not lay this book down, it had me laughing till tears ran, filled with anger till I wanted to scream, then so surprised I could have never seen this coming! I highly recommend this wonderful story.”

DD Gott

Amazon Reviewer

“Part mystery, part adventure, with a twist of history and a dash of romance. This an excellent mystery with so many twists and turns throughout that you’re kept guessing right up until the very end. Every time I thought I had it figured out, there was another twist, another secret revealed or another possible suspect. At first, I admit, I was skeptical. Historical fiction is not usually my “go to” genre and the old colonial style English too a little getting used to, but it sure didn’t take long (well before the end of the first chapter) I was hooked. A wonderful mystery emerged, with a well developed group of characters that were engaging and real. I definitely recommend this book, which is written by two authors who never disappoint.”


Amazon Reviewer


You think you know why the Pilgrims gave thanks on the first Thanksgiving. The harvest, right?


In this reimagining, we explore a much darker and more sinister reason.

With over half the colonists dying, did America’s first serial killer come over on the Mayflower?

More Praise for Mayflower Murders…

“This story is a wonderful example of how to mix a contemporary mystery with the colonial period. The authors have done a terrific job of researching to get so many accurate details into their story, from Miles Standish to the Native Americans, how they hunted, lived and even the societal demands placed on those who lived in this time period.

“The authors have created a marvelous set of characters that are put in situations where anyone really could be the possible killer of colonists and Native Americans alike and the little mini-mysteries, as I like to call them, that were placed throughout the story added an extra layer of possibilities that kept you on the edge of your seat.”

Mike Sexton

Amazon Reviewer

If you enjoy the tangled mystery The Name of the Rose or the intense action of Master and Commander, the new historical thriller Mayflower Murders is sure to keep you reading late into the night.

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