Buyer Legends: The Executive Storyteller’s Guide

| November 3, 2014


Buyer Legends: The Executive Storyteller's Guide

By New York Times Bestselling Authors Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg with Anthony Garcia, “Buyer Legends: An Executive Storytellers Guide” describes a business process that combines the emotional power of storytelling with hard data to open new opportunities, spot gaps and optimize your sales and marketing.

By using Buyer Legends in your organization you will:

• Improve communications – Your whole team will see and understand both the bigger picture and the important details

• Improve execution – You will turn big directives into purposeful and more effective actions

• Improve testing. You will understand how to plan and implement more effective and impactful tests

• Make more money. You will see improved conversion rates that make the up-front planning worth the time and effort

After reading this, you will have more insight as to why your marketing execution may not be meeting expectations and why your team might be struggling to “get it.” You will learn how to communicate your brand’s story intent and the responsibility of each critical touch point within every level of your organization, from the boardroom to the stockroom.

The Buyer Legends process IS one of the final pieces of a complex puzzle that has been missing from most modern marketing efforts.

Wouldn’t you like to have an edge in turning your brand into a legend?


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