The Rules of Dreaming

| November 3, 2014


The Rules of Dreaming


One of Kirkus Reviews “Top 100” Indie Books of 2013
A beautiful graduate student suspects that her psychiatrist is ruled by the fantasies of a poet who’s been dead for two hundred years…
A mental patient with no musical training sits down at the piano and plays a fiendishly difficult piece of classical music…
A young doctor’s life spins out of control as he falls under the spell of three irresistible women…
Art and illusion.  Deception and delusion.  Sex, evil and death.

“A mind-bending marriage of ambitious literary theory and classic murder mystery… In this intricately plotted novel, Hartman spins the familiar trappings of gothic mystery together with a fresh postmodern sensibility, producing a story that’s as rich and satisfying as it is difficult to categorize…. As Hartman skillfully blurs the lines between fiction and reality, the book becomes a profound meditation on art, identity and their messy spheres of influence… A exciting, original take on the literary mystery genre.”  — Kirkus Reviews

Awarded the Kirkus Star for Books of Exceptional Merit.


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