Silent Circle

| November 4, 2014


Silent Circle

“Most teens get a car for their seventeenth birthday. Me? I get inducted into a freaky coven of witches.”

When Emerson wakes up on her seventeenth birthday, she has no idea that her life will change forever. After her mother’s inexplicable suicide three years ago, she’s gotten used to the scorn and sideways looks of her classmates. She knows that everyone believes her mother was crazy, and that it’s only a matter of time before Emerson cracks herself. So when Emerson starts seeing things and hearing voices, she begins to think that the rest of the town may be right.

That is, until Caiden, an enigmatic boy from her class, tells her that she’s a witch, just like her mother. With the truth revealed, a whole new world opens up to Emerson, a world she soon discovers holds its own dangers.

Caiden agrees to help Emerson navigate this secret world, training her to control her new-found abilities and introducing her to his coven. Sworn to secrecy, Emerson is unable to give her friends a reason for her mysterious absences or explain to her jealous boyfriend why she’s spending so much time with Caiden.

As Emerson learns more about her powers and where they come from, she sets out to uncover her mother’s mysterious past. But the more she learns, the more she begins wondering whether her mother really committed suicide or if darker forces were at work.

Silent Circle is the first novel in this young adult urban fantasy series.

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