The Quest of Narrigh (The Other Worlds Book 1)

| November 5, 2014


The Quest of Narrigh (The Other Worlds Book 1)

THE OTHER WORLDS: where the realms of science-fiction and fantasy collide…

Connor becomes trapped in a fantasy world while playing the online role-playing game (RPG), The Quest of Narrigh. He has no memory of how he got there. He played the game well on his brother’s laptop. He defeated his enemies with his acts of defiance and bravery. Now the game has become a reality. And in a world governed by magic, filled with hostile races, warring factions and ferocious beasts, Connor soon finds he does not have the bravery to swat a fly.

As the world around him grows starker and more perilous in his mind, Connor knows that he must master his abilities if he wants to find his way home and muster his courage if he wants to survive. For he is on the verge of making an important discovery that will change his life forever.

Unbeknown to the races of Narrigh, there is a rift between their world and the world of Odisiris, which is inhabited by a race known as Citizens.

The Citizen Scientist – Skelos Dorm – has been exiled to Narrigh from his home planet for carrying out unlawful experiments. Forced to work for the Narrigh government, he holds in his possession a great artefact that, if wielded, could disrupt the balance between the two worlds and ultimately lead to their destruction…

RACES: Citizens, Darque Goblins, Drone Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Theria Elves, Traceless and Darque Goblins.

FACTIONS: THE FURNACE consisting of the Blade Army. THE STORM consisting of the Score Army.


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