Cloak & Dagger Man – Episode 1 – Second Chances: World War II Serialized Fiction

| November 8, 2014


Cloak & Dagger Man - Episode 1 - Second Chances: World War II Serialized Fiction (Tales of the OSS)

Join the OSS and grab the follow ups, Episode 2: Double Crossed (ASIN: B00O7Z0PRM), and the third installment, Episode 3: Uranium Society (ASIN: B00P6SR4XM). Both are out now and only 99 cents!!!

John Powell was the lone survivor when his unit was cut off in Sicily during the Battle of Troina in 1943. Injured and facing the barrel of a German rifle, he was saved by the dying act of his heroic Sergeant. John was given a second chance, a chance to make a difference and maybe avenge the deaths of his fellow soldiers and friends.

That second chance finds John in the form a secretive Army officer who offers John a unique opportunity. The man sees something in John that he believes makes him a perfect candidate for the Office of Strategic Services, the OSS. John Powell is skeptical but intrigued and eager to do his duty, he reports to a secretive facility in northern Scotland on the shores of Loch Ness.

There John is trained in the cloak and dagger arts that will give him the skills and knowledge to avenge his friends. There he also meets the woman that gives John a reason to come back alive. Soon John Powell finds himself in France on a mission to escort a German defector, an atomic scientist, to safety. Things, however, don’t go as planned and John gets more than he bargained for.

This is the first episode of a new World War II serial, Cloak & Dagger Man, by Dan McMartin, author of Baker Company. Follow the thrilling and dangerous adventures of John Powell, a novice OSS spy who discovers a diabolical Nazi plot that only he can stop.


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