XGeneration 1: You Don’t Know Me (XGeneration Series)

| November 9, 2014


XGeneration 1: You Don't Know Me (XGeneration Series)

Part X-Files, part Freaks and Geeks, and totally ’80s!

In the fall of 1984, Cold War tensions between Washington and Moscow are close to breaking.

But in sleepy Gainesville, Florida, fourteen-year-old Janis Graystone is mainly worried about starting high school, earning a spot on the varsity soccer team, and keeping her older sister from running her life. And then there are her paranormal experiences. Experiences where she awakens in her backyard — out of her body — with the disturbing sense that someone is watching her.

For Scott Spruel, the start of high school means the chance to start over. And he’s willing to ditch everything — computer hacking, Dungeons & Dragons marathons, even his comic book collection (well, except for his X-Men) — if it means getting closer to Janis, the secret love of his life. But what about the eerie delay on his telephone, a delay he senses through powers he is only beginning to understand?

As clocks tick down, Janis and Scott will need the other’s help. But first they’ll have to find one another and that means traversing Thirteenth Street High’s caste system, which can be as brutal as it is unforgiving…

XGeneration is a teen paranormal mystery series, inspired by classic superhero comics and the 1980s.

Rated 16+ for language and some violence

Books in the XGeneration series:

Book 1: You Don’t Know Me

Book 2: The Watchers

Book 3: Silent Generation


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