The Merchant of Death: A Mayan Mystery (The Cycle of Xhól Book 1)

| November 9, 2014


The Merchant of Death: A Mayan Mystery (The Cycle of Xhól Book 1)

A corpse. A wrongly accused hunter. A crippled painter with an unquenchable thirst for justice.

In the year 679 AD, Xhól, a painter, a sculptor…and a cripple, discovers the dead body of a wealthy merchant just returned from a trade expedition to the North. Quickly, Xhól and Thirteen Jaguar, the shrewd high priest, discover that poison has been used.

Unwittingly Xhól directs suspicion on an innocent man, One Hunter. Caught in the intrigues plaguing the royal court and sneered at because of his limp, Xhól begins a dangerous quest for truth that will push his limits and test his resolve.

When the news come that mighty Tikal is launching an attack on Dos Pilas, the warriors ready themselves for combat. The lord of Dos Pilas wants to close the case of the murdered merchant. He decides that One Hunter will be executed on the morning the army leaves for war.

…Unless Xhól can discover the real killer in time.

Fans of Ellis Peters will delight in following the adventures of Xhól, as unlikely an investigator as Brother Cadfael, in the first instalment of this sixteen-book series, the Cycle of Xhól.


˃˃˃ The Cycle of Xhól.

Historical mystery, ethnic thriller, historical fiction, the Cycle of Xhól is all these rolled into one.

The Cycle of Xhól spans one century and follows the destiny of Dos Pilas, a small Mayan city in Petén, caught in the deadly fight between Tikal and Calakmul, the powerful city-states. Dos Pilas, and its population, endures the ebb and flow of victories and defeats, the ever-shifting alliances, the succession of rulers, and the battles won and lost.

Each novel can be read independently and offers a complete mystery in which Xhól, painter and sculptor, is the central character. Each book is also part of the overall cycle and little by little reveals the fate of the city and Xhól himself. The series will be sixteen-book long when complete.


If you love a well-documented, enthralling historical mystery, download a sample or buy The Merchant of Death now.


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