Burd: (Book 1) The Abduction

| November 10, 2014


Burd: (Book 1) The Abduction

Burd is a story which spans the Earth to far beyond. In 1940 on a Texas ranch the Grays take a chicken egg and abduct several people for genetic experiments. They will abduct humans or any living creature to make huge profits from genetic material. Their enemies, the shape shifting Reptilians, take a different approach. They want to dominate Earth and its resources by manipulating its leaders. Their bet is on the Nazis in WWII. A powerful rooster man engineered in a genetic experiment by the Grays called Burd could fit nicely in their devious plans if they can turn him. The Reptilians know that for their surrogates to win the world war, a certain chubby man in England, who smokes big cigars and makes victory signs with his fingers, must be eliminated. An assassination plot would fit their plans nicely. A large cast of colorful characters including ranch hands and circus people will find themselves enlisted to fight evil of both human and alien origin. Since the story is alternate reality in an historical setting the way out of the pending world-wide disaster is not clear. Anything can happen in this opening book (approximately 173 pages) of the Burd trilogy.


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