Puerto Rico Travel Adventure: A Smart Vacation Planner

| November 11, 2014


Puerto Rico Travel Adventure: A Smart Vacation Planner with Facts, Tips, and Things to Do for Le$$ than You'd Believe

Enjoy adventure, tips, and savings on your Puerto Rico vacation…with entertaining advice from two people who did it.

Are you longing for a beautiful, affordable, accessible tropical beach getaway?

Would you be willing to consider the “island of enchantment?”

UPDATE: The second edition includes major updates and over 40 pages of new content. “Look Inside” for the updated table of contents.

Increasingly, people are finding that Puerto Rico is affordable and has everything that other tropical islands like Hawaii has to offer, with the added advantage that it may be closer to where you are located.

Puerto Rico has rich history and culture to offer anyone – from the old colonial Spanish architecture to the friendly natives and lively music. And to make it even more magical, set it all against the backdrop of scenic beaches and majestic rainforest mountains. Visiting Puerto Rico is an experience like no other.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Discover in this Travel Guide…

  • A basic sketch of the island, from history to music
  • Specific advice and links for airfare and lodging
  • An overview of local Puerto Rican cuisine
  • How to decide whether or not to rent a car
  • Top attraction and day trip reviews and details
  • Booking links for complete tour packages
  • Exactly why the beaches were our second favorite place to be
  • A list of helpful supplies
  • Notes on romantic spots (just for couples)
  • Over 20 high-def original pictures and over 50 clickable links!

By reading a personal experience from savvy travelers, you will reap the benefits of avoiding costly mistakes, and of honing in on the experiences that define the authentic flavor of this beautiful island.

Download your copy today and get ready for a memorable adventure!

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