What Dog Groomers Know

| November 12, 2014


What Dog Groomers Know

Before pet owners walk into a grooming salon, they have questions: why does Fido have to stay at the shop so long? How do I explain what I want to the groomer? Is there any way to stop a Labrador retriever from shedding? Why does the groomer put cologne on my pet after I told her not to? Are they going to sedate Fluffy? Where can I get home grooming equipment?

And what’s it really like to be a groomer, anyway?

Written by a former pet groomer, this book answers these questions and many more. It will help you understand the grooming process from brushing to baths; from safety to scissoring–leading to a better experience for both you and your pet, at home or at the salon.

(Does not include photographs or specific grooming instructions by breed.)

What Dog Groomers Know contains the following chapters:

How to Talk to Your Groomer

In Your Groomer’s Shoes: The Downside of Grooming

How Groomers Become Groomers

Assembly-line Grooming: Good or Evil?

You Will Get Wet: Pet Bathing 101

Drying Controversies

The Gross Stuff: Anal Glands and Poop

The Fun Stuff: Bows, Bandanas, and Cologne

Bath Basics: Nails and Ears

Just as Long as No One Gets Hurt

But I Brush Him all the Time!

Here, Kitty Kitty: Cat Grooming

Should My Pet Take Luggage to the Grooming Salon or Boarding Kennel?

Does Your Maltese Look Like a Bichon? (Breeds, Puppy Mills, Pet Shops, and Papers)

Choosing a Dog with Shedding in Mind

The Short-haired Shedding Solution

Groom Like a Pro: Tools for the Home Groomer

A Groomer Grab Bag: Miscellaneous Questions and Answers

Fleas: The Final Frontier (Fight Fleas By Understanding Them)

Grooming Salon Reviews and What You Can Learn from Them


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