The Legend of the Stars – New & Revised Edition: Fairy tales for children

| November 13, 2014


The Legend of the Stars - New & Revised Edition: Fairy tales for children with pictures about the Legend of the Stars is an action adventure comic book, oozing magical realism and stars glowing!

Rated 5 Stars and Author has hit #10 Best Seller in Category!

The Legend of the Stars: This fully-illustrated children’s fairy tales book oozes magical realism where stars glow in the dark!

An animated book app version for iPad is available now in the App Store.

The fabulous lineup of stars in the night sky includes: Father Time and his family; Bright the Sprite in charge of each Day; Glum in charge of each Night; the stern Keeper of the Hours; the bright Sun and strong Winds and even wolves and goblin night prowlers. All these join-in for this thrilling adventure making the night a thing of beauty.

Glum, the sprite in charge of the night, feels so depressed at the darkness that surrounds him that he decides to quit. What will happen to nighttime? Father Time must work with the sprites, Keeper of the Hours and Bright to convince Glum to stay in his job. But how can they help Glum find happiness? No matter what they do, the night sky will never be the same.

Add To Your Cart and teach children that imagination fuels the mind! This is a perfect place for kids, where the old-world charm of legend never dies, promising to transport readers into a blissful and mystical world that inspires and charms the heart.

It’s hard not to enjoy this colorful, well-illustrated fairy tale comic. The dramatic pictures are captivating and every child should experience the magic elements which are a natural part of this faraway fantasy world, packed with nostalgia and fantastic imaginary scenes. It’s a fun bedtime adventure story.

Besides the rich legacy of fairytales, this starry escapade leaves the subconscious with more than just a dreamy delightful and entertaining feeling. It reaches through and teaches children creativity, stirs their imagination and develops their intelligence.

This modern version of an old-fashioned favorite, with its clever characters, solid messages, and enough magic to keep little ones spellbound, makes it a perfect book for children aged between 5 to 9 years old to read on their own, or for parents to read with their younger children together.

Everyone in the family will fall in love with this classic fairy tale adventure, the perfect distillation of childhood fantasies and adult nostalgia!

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

– Albert Einstein

Fairytale Fantasy History:

Fairy tales were originally a well-used form of adult entertainment that were re-told at social gatherings, in spinning rooms, fields, and other settings where adults met. It wasn’t until the early 19th century that fairy tales were turned into children’s stories.

Giambattista Basile retold many fairy tales in the Pentamerone, an aristocratic frame story and aristocratic retellings. From there, the literary fairy tale was taken up by the French ‘salon’ writers of 17th century Paris and other writers who took up the folktales of their time and developed them into literary forms. The Grimm brothers, despite their intentions being to restore the tales they collected, also transformed the Märchen they collected into Kunstmärchen.

These stories are not regarded as fantasies but as literary fairy tales, even retrospectively, but from this start, the fairy tale remained a literary form, and fairytale fantasies were an offshoot [].

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