At Long Last Love (I’ll Take New York)

| November 13, 2014


At Long Last Love (I'll Take New York)

After twenty-two years of marriage, Lynn Sheffield, forty, leaves her emotionally abusive husband to find her destiny. Since she went straight from her parent’s care to marriage, she faces the future with hope, but fear and trepidation that she has to provide for herself financially for the first time in her life. Her son and daughter are grown and in college.

Two weeks after moving to a small apartment and settling in her new life, Craig Prescott, wealthy bachelor and sole owner of the upscale chain of furniture stores, offers her a position as head buyer. She’s ill-equipped to accept the position with no educational background in design.

Will Lynn accept his offer and move from Philadelphia to the New York City headquarters? Will she accept the man’s undeniable appeal and succumb to his advances? Will her husband convince her he’s a changed man and wants her back? Will she risk falling in love with Craig, knowing he lives the bachelor’s life and at forty-two is unlikely to adapt to a life of sharing? Can she forgo her need to prove to herself that she’s capable of taking care of her own financial needs?


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