The Endora Trilogy (The Complete Series)

| November 13, 2014


The Endora Trilogy (The Complete Series)

The Endora Trilogy is a fantasy-adventure series for pre-teen and early teen readers, though many adults have enjoyed it, too. Now all three books are available in this one volume.

The Timedoor – Book I
The Sword and the Crown – Book II
The Saving Light – Book III

Join siblings Christopher and Molly Jordan who discover a magic timedoor that leads them to the kingdom of Endora where plenty of adventure awaits!

In The Timedoor, eleven-year-old Christopher Jordan and his eight year old sister Molly embark on a journey to help rescue a young princess kidnapped by the invading forces of the evil sorcerer Malaban, whose whereabouts remain a mystery.

In The Sword and the Crown, the Jordan siblings return to Endora four years later to help stop an evil impostor from being crowned king in a neighboring kingdom and waging a terrible war.

In The Saving Light, the concluding volume, Christopher and Molly race against all odds to save their family and prevent an old enemy from returning to power in both Endora and their own world.

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