Vegan: Tell Me What You Have in Your Kitchen

| November 15, 2014


Vegan: Tell Me What You Have in Your Kitchen and I Will Give You a Recipe (Healthy Food Cookbook Book 3)

# 1 Best Seller in Vegetables Cooking

Do you know the feeling when you open the fridge and you see CARROTS or BEETS that you want to eat but you are unsure how to prepare it and completely out of IDEAS?

Or when you are at the grocery store or at the markets and you find lovely ZUCCHINIS or FENNELS or you are craving for ARTICHOKE but you don’t know what you can DO with it?

Just look up for the artichoke, beet or fennel SECTION in this BOOK and you will have some


The best thing about this book is it’s going to SAVE you TIME and MONEY. Two of the things we value most.

The time saved that you would spend trying to figure out what to cook, and then going out and finding the ingredients and having to purchase them because you are not actually utilizing what you have in your cupboards and fridge. Instead you find yourself regretfully throwing much of it away at the end of the week. There is nothing more wasteful, disheartening, or bad for the environment than throwing food away.

This book is a collection of delicious VEGAN recipes listed by individual main ingredients. These ingredients are the most commonly used ingredients in the VEGAN KITCHEN because they just happen to be the tastiest. So whatever you happen to have on hand or whatever you happen to be craving you will find here and in a variety of delectable ways to prepare it.

This book features various vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices as either the main ingredient or as part of the recipe. This blend of ingredients is so amazing together that you will find yourself going them again and again. Some examples are savory Tahini, veganaise, basil, oregano, vinegars, mustard, oils, sauces, tofu, nuts and seeds.

Last but not least vegan cooking is excellent for your health, cruelty free, and great for the environment.

Table of content:

• Artichoke

• Asparagus

• Avocado

• Beet

• Broccoli

• Cabbage

• Carrots

• Cauliflower

• Celery

• Eggplant

• Fennel

• Garlic

• Ginger

• Kale

• Kohlrabi

• Lemon

• Lettuce

• Mushroom

• Okra

• Onion

• Peas

• Pepper

• Potato

• Pumpkin

• Radish

• Spinach

• Sprouts

• Squash

• Sunroom

• Sweet Potato

• Swiss Chard

• Tomato

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