Where’s Audrey?

| November 16, 2014


Where's Audrey?

From the author of A Christmas Mystery comes a cozy, holiday-themed mystery set in Florida.

This is Mel’s first vacation in 3 years. She is looking forward to lying on Clearwater Beach and spending Christmas with her friend, Lisa, but first she has to check on her Aunt Audrey. After landing in Tampa, Mel drives to Largo and knocks on Audrey’s door. A young man answers and his vague answers regarding Audrey’s whereabouts set Mel on a quest to find out just what happened to her absent aunt. She files a missing persons report and a handsome young deputy named Conner offers to help her. As they follow the clues – a curious canine, a nosy neighbor, and a couple of con artists – Mel finds herself falling for Conner. His feelings are mutual and he risks his job to help Mel solve the mystery surrounding Audrey’s disappearance.

Where’s Audrey was based on an incident which occurred in a Florida mobile home park in 2007.


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